The financial crisis that broke out, and which has been similar to no other crisis that has occurred during recent years, created an important lack of credibility and trustworthiness in anything Greek or related to Greece. However, the HILME believes that Greece has both the capabilities and possibilities to overcome this negativity.

Making the best use of the know-how and the capabilities of the most experiences professional in the market but also the fresh ideas and eagerness of the junior professionals, the goal is to enhance logistics within Greece, as well as abroad, without ignoring or trying to paint over the difficulties and challenges our country is facing due to this ongoing crisis.

Our central goal is to upgrade the Logisticians in Greece to a top management level within the corporate structure through education, certification highlighting the importance of their roll regarding the progress of a corporate entity.

In this perspective, the activities that the HILME has begun to develop, concern these issues, and we continue to develop new ideas, based on the needs and requirements dictated by the market, since all the board members of the HILME are active professionals in both academia and the industry.

Our effort focuses on offering the best services with the lowest possible cost, fully understanding the difficult times that our country is going through.

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