ELA Certification offers

  • One common standard: Using the same terminology and definitions everywhere.
  • International Recognition: ELA Certification is widely recognized, by the World Bank, the United Nations, Multinational Companies. This increases the flexibility and mobility of certified logistics employees.
  • A local assessment by National Certification Boards. Assessment is available from National Certification Boards established in more than 20 countries.
  • European Qualification Framework: ELA Standards are mapped to the European Qualification Framework, an EU initiative for harmonising life-long learning. The EQF is a common European reference system that links a number of national qualifications systems and frameworks together. In practice, it functions as a translation device making qualifications transferable. Using this common framework enables learners and workers to have their skills and qualifications recognised in many countries.
  • Updated regularly and in touch with the needs of the market: The ELA Standards are updated on a regular basis. Through a network of experts and logistics professionals, the Standards are checked against the needs of the market.