Exam structure for EJLog and ESLog consists of 20 multiple choice questions, 4 short answer question per module, and an interview or case study per certificate level.  Exams for EJLog and ESLog are held in Greece twice every year.

For EJlog Certification, 5 modules are required: 3 of them compulsory and 2 optional.

For EJlog Certification, 6 modules are required: 4 of them compulsory and 2 optional.

On the first level of certification, EJLog, questions are in both the English and Greek languages, whereas on ESLog questions are in English. Short answers however are equally accepted either in English or in Greek.

The first two levels of the certificate, EJLog and ESLog, may be completed within six consecutive exam periods.

Exam rates vary depending on payment method:

  1. Lump sum payment
  2. Payment per module

In any case the cost of repeating the exam is configured per module.

Exam rates are shown in the table below, including 24% VAT.

Table 1: Exam rates for Ela Certification, EJLog, ESLog

Payment method HILME members HILME non-members
EJLog lump sum payment € 350 € 400
ESLog lump sum payment € 420 € 470
Payment per module EJLog/ESLog € 75/module € 85/module
Cost of exam repetition € 50/module € 50/module

Lump sum payments for the exams are paid prior to the first candidate’s participation in the exams. Lump sum payments cover candidate’s participation in all modules required for each level once, either in one or in more exam sessions (up to 6 consecutive).

EMLog is evaluated by preparing and presenting a Supply Chain Project.  EMlog certification exams are conducted in English.

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