Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why target α Certification in Logistics?

Greece is constantly gaining a stronger position in the Global Supply Chain, due to its geo-strategical and geo-political location, but also due to the high level of human resources. Logistics are one of the main pillars for the development of the economy, and constitute a means to enhance competitiveness for the Greek products/services, attracting investments and creating job opportunities.

ELA Certification in Logistics, offered by HILME, promotes the Supply Chain, offering an internationally recognized professional identity, to both individuals and corporations.

  • What type of Certification is provided and what is its significance?

The skills and competences certified concern the understanding and the implementation of internationally recognized practices and standards throughout all the sub-sectors of the Supply Chain, like inventory management, project management, procurement, transportation/distribution, warehousing, 3PL, customer service, order management, marketing and sustainable logistics.

The professional certification provided by ELA is internationally recognized and leads to a competitive advantage through vesting a professional identity on a global scale.

There are three [3] levels of certification:

  • EJLog: Supervisory / Operational Management. For supervisors/first line managers in Logistics / Supply Chain or other relative departments
  • ESLog: Senior Management. For middle Managers, Head of Logistics department, Supply Chain  or other relative departments
  • EMLog: Strategic Management. For top-level executives, CEOs, General Managers, Supply Chain Directors.


  • How can a candidate prepare for Ela Certification?

Candidates, in order to complete their preparation for ELA Certification, can apply to the following training providers, who have developed training programs based on ELAQF standards, leading to ELA Certification:

Projectyou, email: [email protected]


Note: Certification exams are independent of any training program or preparation method chosen by candidates, in order to meet the requirements of the standards.


  • Is there an offer for group candidacy on certification exams?

Hellenic Institute for Logistics Management [HILME], in the context of promoting ELA Certification in the Greek market, offers its member companies the following discounts on examination fees (prices include 24% VAT):

  • 6% discount in examination fees for 6 to 10 candidates from the same company [i.e. €330 fee for EJLog, €395 fee for ESLog, per candidate]
  • 12% discount in examination fees for more than 10 candidates from the same company [i.e. €300 fee for EJLog, €370 fee for ESLog, per candidate]


  • I paid for my attendance, but I did not attend the exam. What happens then?

In case the candidate pays, but does not attend the exams exceptionally, he reserves the right to resume his application for the next exam session at no extra cost.   Certification may be completed in six [6] consecutive exam sessions, the first of which is the one for which the candidate participates for the first time in the exams.