ELA Certification offers to Logisticians

Professional Certifications of persons have become prerequisites in all the corporate world. Certified professionals in Supply Chain Management will definitely have an edge over their peers.  ELA Certification offers to logisticians, industry-leading knowledge, based on industry needs.  To sum-up, the most important benefits that certified employees gain, are:

  • Professional Certification of competences, with international recognition, which enhance their CV and career prospects.
  • A common language of communication within the global Logistics / Supply Chain market.
  • Extension of professional knowledge and competences in Supply Chain management.
  • Empowerment of expertise in operations required in Supply Chain Management. In particular the ability to analyze, design and manage change in the Supply Chain context.

ELA Certification recognizes competences and validates logisticians’ experience at three different levels:

  • EJLog-European Junior Logistician: Supervisory / Operational Management – Certification for supervisors in an operational role and for first line managers in Logistics/Supply Chain
  • ESLog-European Senior Logistician: Senior Management – Certification for managers or consultants planning, coordinating and controlling different parts of the logistics
  • EMLog-European Master Logistician: Strategic Management – Certification for senior managers, senior consultants or directors (CEOs, General Managers, Supply Chain Directors) with considerable experience in logistics management
ELA Certification also offers individuals an independent, neutral assessment of skills and knowledge to identify strengths and gaps for their future development.