HΙLME (HELLENIC INSTITUTE OF LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT), is a non-profitable organization aiming at the increase of logistics management effectiveness in Trade and Industry, as well as, in the Public and Private sector through the reinforcement of a coordinated approach to the distribution materials, the quality management and the after-sales customer service.
The Board of Directors consists of 11 regular members and 5 alternate members.

The Hellenic Institute of Logistics Management (HILME) was founded in 1994 the late Professor of the Panteion University, Konstantinos Sifniotis, who foresaw the growth potential of this sector, as well as the need to support and upgrade professionals active in logistics to the benefit of the Hellenic market and the national economy very early on. In this context, HILME has developed a strategic cooperation with the European Logistics Association (ELA), which constitutes the largest and most important Logistics organization in Europe, and who HILME represents officially in Greece.

HILME is a full member of the ELA with active and dynamic participation in international conferences, in work visits to cargo and logistics hubs (logistics cities), the evaluation of the ELA AWARDS as well as in the planning, organization and implementation of the ELA Certification for Logisticians (ECBL). The former Chairman of the Board of HILME, Mr. Ioannis Konetas, has been declared an Honorary Member of the ELA for his long and important contribution towards the attainment of the goals and targets of the ELA-HILME. Mr. Spiridon Olympios, Chairman of the Board of HILME, was recently voted as Board Member in the ELA, which is represented by respective Organizations and Institutes in over 30 European countries.
The HILME is also in cooperation with the Logistics Association of Crete (LAC) and the Cyprus Logistics Association (CLA).