The HILME has set the following Goals:


  • Establish logistics standards and specifications:

In order to ensure that logisticians around the world “speak the same language”. The European standards are soon expected to be agreed upon between the ELA and the countries of Asia.

  • Logistics Training and Certification:

The ELA Certification (European Certification for Logistics Professionals) is consistent with the logistics market expectations and standards. IT has been developed in cooperation with the industry, and classifies logisticians in 3 levels (junior, senior and master). The aim of this training/certification is to provide an additional tool to logistics professionals in order to ensure their ascent to higher levels within the corporate hierarchy. These standards have been developed under the guidance of the former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ioannis Konetas and have been introduced in more than 20 member-states of the ELA. However, they have not yet been established in Greece. It is, therefore, a priority for the HILME to complete this procedure in Greece.

  • Extroversion and Synergies:

The global recession and more specifically the recession in Greece proves to be a big challenge. On the other hand, this financial crisis is also a tremendous opportunity to stress the high level of Greek logistics in the global market.  Our assessment is that, apart from Greece’s prime geostrategic location, the potential of young Greek logisticians, combined with their drive and effort, under the guidance of more experienced professionals who are seeking change, will make a difference when projected correctly.

  • Promotion and Distinction on a European level through the European Award for Logistics Excellence:

The “European Award for Logistics Excellence”, organized and powered by the ELA on an annual basis, according to the standards of a Champions League. The first and second runners up of each member-state are deemed with the right to participate in this contest. One of the main goals of the HILME is the organization of this competition in Greece this year for the first time in order to allow Greek companies and/or individuals to participate in the Champions League in the spring of 2014. Mrs. Lina Palli, Member of the Board, has undertaken the coordination of this project.

  • Networking/Updating of new technologies inlogistics:

The opportunity to meet with more experienced and well established professionals is provided to younger logisticians through frequent events organized by the Up Greek Logistics initiative. As the communicational and social networking tool of the HILME, the Up Greek Logistics initiative aims to gather professionals in different venues introducing innovation and/or stressing logistic issues through presentations, providing the opportunity to discuss and exchange views in a more relaxed environment. The theme is always built around a central idea and the presentations are directly or indirectly related to that idea. The presentations may refer to innovative projects such as TAXIBEAT (regarding taxi location), or SAFE BEBE (regarding child safety within the house), or various case studies on logistics projects by well known companies (NIREAS Group, UNILEVER etc). These events also offer food for thought and sometimes lead to synergies amongst the participants.

  • Mentoring/Coaching Program:

The HILME is in the process of realizing a mentoring/coaching program where members will be able to interact with established professionals of the sector who will be assigned to provide useful insight to younger logisticians as part of the program. This will be provided to the members of the HILME freely, as is the case with the rest of the services the HILME offers.