ELA Certification offers to Organisations

Companies and organizations gain multiple benefits from ELA Certification of their executives involved in Supply Chain.  ELA Certification offers to Organisations:

  • A Standard of Competence: ELA Certification recongises people’s competence, making the certificate extremely attractive for serving as a basis for evaluation, training and recruitment. At the same time, business executives take advantage of the EQF and achieve the recognition of their skills and competences in a number of countries.
  • International recognition: ELA certification is widely recognized, which increases the flexibility and mobility of certified logistics employees.
  • A Corporate Identity in Supply Chain, with International Recognition.
  • Knowledge and use of common definitions and professional terminology in Supply Chain, and thus improvement in communication, through common standards.
  • Standardisation of logistics, / supply chain functions, irrespective of location and personnel employed.
  • Internal flexibility of certified logisticians, staff mobility, workplace independence.
  • Staff empowerment and activation for increased performance, effectiveness and responsiveness in problem solving.
  • A competitive advantage together with enhanced networking opportunities / synergies with partners in Greece and abroad.
  • Eligibility to participate in European programs for know-how dissemination and enhancement of business productivity, using new best practices in the Supply Chain field (sustainability).